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Do you love the sound of your own Voice?


I did not always love the sound of my own voice. Sure, we can make jokes about people "loving to hear themselves talk"... but it's a totally different problem when you don't like the sound of your own voice.

I'm Melissa Del Toro Schaffner, and I'm a Voice Actor, Narrator of the Untold Tales sci-fi short story podcast and Accountability Coach.

Not loving your voice, that is your biggest advocate, sets you up for many setbacks in life. Lost opportunities in money, relationships, and mission.

As a Voice Actor, I get paid to use my voice. So do professional speakers, singers, performers, lawyers, community leaders and I'm sure you could add dozens more professions to that list.

Why should you single yourself out from opportunities that require YOU to use your voice?

I'm passionate about empowering you live the life of your dreams and am constantly helping people reach the next stage of awesome in their lives. 

Your voice is UNIQUE, it's SPECIAL, it's made up of the way you look, the way you breathe, your body structure and your genetics. Your voice is an instrument like a voilin, piano or guitar. As an instrument, you have the ability to play it as an amateur or with mastery. When you master the use and the mindset behind owning your own voice - I promise you that you will LOVE it.

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