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If you are even a little curious about what high performers and celebrities already know about vision boards, download your FREE copy of The Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Vision Board! 

You'll also get 21 tips on how to make your vision board goals more clear and powerful!

Hi, I'm Melissa Del Toro Schaffner

I am your Success and Accountability Coach.

Visualization is a powerful tool that many top performers, from Olympians to Celebrities, use to make their dream goals a reality. I have used vision boards and visualization for over a decade to achieve my biggest goals.

My dream goal is to empower you to pursue your biggest dreams too, and support you by keeping you accountable to your goals. 

Empowering you to realize your dreams makes the world a better, happier place!


Let's work together to reclaim your precious time and begin moving more quickly towards the burning desires of your heart.

Download the Secrets!

Check out this FREE list of Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Vision Board! I've used every tip in this 8 page pdf download to make my most unlikely dreams a reality!

Plus, as a BONUS you'll get 21 tips on how to make your vision board a super effective Attraction Machine!

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