Hi! This is Melissa and I’m so glad you are here!

If you’re here with me, it’s likely that you are interested in getting into Voiceover and either myself or a friend who cares so much about your goals, hopes and dreams sent you this page!

A little about me...

My name is Melissa Del Toro Schaffner. I am a Voiceactor and lifelong Accountability Expert. 

I help clients engage with their ideal clients by providing clear, warm, professional and charismatic voiceover for Audiobooks, Radio and TV commercials, Social Media Ads (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook), YouTube Videos, IVR and On-Hold Messaging, Corporate Narration, eLearning Tutorials, Employee Training System, Real Estate Videos and more!

My background is in Electrical Engineering and Project Management, so the technical aspect of Voiceover comes very naturally.

Having been nicknamed "Sarah Bernhardt" as a child, I also have a flair for acting and the dramatic. However, I've spent many long hours honing and practicing my craft and I'm still working to get better and better every day!


Having spent over five years immersed in the craft, dozens of hours in 1-on-1 voiceover training, hundreds of hours in webinar trainings and thousands of hours networking with very talented, working voiceover industry professionals… I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the questions you may have about the industry.


I’m at the beginning of my voiceover journey, just like you. So, I definitely understand exactly where you are right now and some of the questions you are facing.


  • Perhaps someone told you that you have a great voice and should get into voiceover?
  • Or, maybe you love the idea of getting paid to speak for a living?
  • Or, maybe you make some funny voices and think it would be cool to get paid to do them?

There’s a little good news and a little bad news.

Voiceover is a business and it is very competitive.

It is Voice ACTING.  It is not just recording a voicemail in your “announcery” voice or recording yourself making funny voices.


If you want to get into voiceover, you need to be willing to treat it as a business. You need to be willing to invest time, money, and energy. There are people on fiver who will eat your lunch for unsustainable prices and there are people with agents and staff who will drink your milkshake for the rest of the auditions that are out there on the interwebs.


Let’s get the bad news out of the way… 

  • There are many, many, many people out there… coaches, instructors, actors, etc. are not vetted and more than willing to take your money to tell you things you could learn for free. They may not have even worked in the voiceover industry for many years - and may have outdated information. 
  • Since so many people are claiming to be experts in the business, you don’t know HOW knowledgeable or trustworthy they are until you vet their network and learn about who they learned from and with whom they hang out. Learning this can take you a lot of time networking and mingling in groups until you see “who is who”.
  • There’s almost TOO much information, and falling down the rabbit hole can happen FAST and it becomes easy to get overwhelmed and give up.

However, the great news is… there is MORE good news than bad news.

 We are living in a time where barrier to entry is very low and the opportunities are skyrocketing every day. Whew! The great news is…

  • Great, broadcast quality equipment is affordable
  • Access to software and other basic tools you need to build your voiceover business are plentiful.
  • There are tons of free resources on the internet to get you started and help you grow.
  • There are a plethora of reputable, successful, excellent coaches out there for ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS.
  • Technology is reshaping the need for human voices in voiceover.
  • The ability for a non-union individual with a professional home studio and beginner experience to reach out and find their own opportunities is excellent.


Congratulations! You’ll need tenacity, follow-through and a thirst for learning to make it in voiceover. 


Voiceover is NOT a method to get rich quick. In fact, you should expect the OPPOSITE for a long time. The typical 10,000 hours of mastery absolutely applies to this industry. You’ll need to train, practice, train, practice, observe, participate, learn, rinse and repeat for many months… years…. You should expect to treat your journey in Voiceover just like any other profession. Putting in the hard work and the investment in the front end will most certainly yield results in the end. But, it will NOT be overnight. And it WILL take years for most to make enough money to replace a day job salary when you start from scratch.


Scroll to the bottom of the page for my FIVE BEST TIPS for getting started in the Voiceover Industry... or keep reading for even more gold nuggets.


Oh! And another thing… This is a freelance gig. Even with an agent and representation or steady clients, you should not expect a salary or steady paycheck. Voiceover is an entrepreneurial journey and you will need to learn to navigate marketing, financing, accounting, operations, relationships and technical product delivery. 


These days, you can’t just dip your toe into the pool of Voiceover and expect to see results. But, if you want it, it ABSOLUTELY can be the career of your dreams!


Voiceover a very rewarding and very excited pursuit, indeed!


I've compiled my FIVE VERY BEST TIPS in my experience for getting started in the Voiceover Industry just for you!  As with any industry, there are as many opinions as there are voice actors. I've complied this laser-focused list to save you massive googling and internet researching time! Enjoy!


"Melissa is the embodiment of courage, talent and being able to take feedback and apply it immediately. I watched Melissa stand up on stage in front of hundreds of people to read through an audiobook manuscript for critique. She took the suggestions and was able to apply them to her next read like a champ. If you're looking for a versatile and friendly read, I'd absolutely recommend Melissa!"


"Melissa is a wonderful talent and a true creative spirit with a discerning eye for detail. She strives in her collaborations with others, takes direction well and thrives under pressure. Her optimism is contagious, she is a joy to work with and it goes without saying that she would be a valuable asset to any project."

Voiceactor | Narrator

"The amazing Melissa was so professional yet so personable!! I received other auditions to get my book on audible but none with a voice as clear as Melissa. She also helped me every step of the way. As a personal coach, she is amazing and dedicated. I am so happy to have met this truly wonderful person!"


"Melissa Del Toro Schaffner is dynamic, supportive, and down to earth. Her knowledge and passion for voice over shines through in her creative approach of narrating audiobooks. Melissa’s engaging style is magical! Besides being an exceptional voice artist, her organizational skills and project management background have been invaluable in our accountability meetings and has helped me remain on track towards achieving my voiceover business goals."

Accountability Partner | Voiceover Artist

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