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I'm an American Female Voiceover Artist with a warm, Mid-West accent. I help you engage with your ideal clients by providing a clear, warm, engaging, relatable, professional and charismatic voice for your audiobooks, radio and TV commercials, social media ads, YouTube videos, children's books, e-learning tutorials, employee training systems and much more!

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Melissa's warm, smooth, maternal sound with a spunky attitude pairs great with commercials, children's audiobooks and eLearning materials.

Audiobook: Your Firstborn doesn't have to be perfect

NEW on Audible! Written by Bonnie Abernathy, this book is a wonderful gift for a new parent as well as a not-so-new parent. There is something here from baby to teenager. Some of the subjects include; crying babies on airplanes, hearing, vision, baby food, bed wetting, temper tantrums, and even a hint on how to keep close to your teenager. Melissa narrates this book in a loving, maternal tone filled with hope for the reader.

Audiobook: Astrid's Survivor Journey

NEW on Audible! Written by Jennifer Joy Sprosty, this is a story about a woman named Astrid who nearly dies of a life threatening disease. Shortly after, her home is destroyed by hurricane Sandy. Melissa narrates the male therapist’s voice in the story, as well as a myriad of other male/female voices and regional accents. This story represents how we should never give up fighting for our dreams or our lives.

Audiobook: Born As Gods

Melissa is a positive, upbeat, voice over professional and can range from serious to seriously silly and over-the-top. Musically she is a natural Alto. In this performance, she utilizes her voice for young male characters.

Relaxation Meditation

Smooth, calm, and steady tones in a Midwestern accent create a delightful audible massage in this audio. Pairs well with meditation sequences and  instructional videos.



Melissa is a friendly, positive, dynamic mom of a toddler and enjoys bringing stories to life!

Focused on audiobooks, commercials, explainer videos, and eLearning projects as her primary craft, Melissa has also volunteered her voice for numerous educational materials the Learning Ally in NYC - recording audiobooks for Blind and Dyslexic students and studied the craft under experts in the industry such as Nigel Neale (Seattle, WA), Roger Becker (prominent New York City casting director with Just Voices) and recommended highly by award-winning members of the SOVAS Academy (Society of Voice Arts and Sciences based out of Los Angeles).

She is noted for her warm, engaging, relatable, conversational, maternal voice and midwestern accent, which pair well with motherly and seductive scripts.

Melissa is a positive, upbeat, voiceover professional and can range from serious to seriously silly and over-the-top. Musically she is a natural Alto, with both the upper resonances of a younger woman, and the diction and lower range of a more mature woman.

Arizona-based (in the winter) and New York City-based (in the summer) female voiceover artist Melissa Del Toro Schaffner vocals are warm, smooth, silky, young, seductive and professional. 

Her educational background is in Electrical Engineering and Project Management, so she is highly familiar with technical, science and management subject-matter. She has also led vision board workshops and recorded her own meditation audios under the influence of great masters like Wayne Dyer, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, and the personal development mastery of the PSI Seminars complete program (over $10,000 of personal mastery investment).


Age Range - Kid Voices, Teen Male and Female, Early 20s to Late 40s

Specialties - Moms, Heroines, Girl-Next-Door 

Voice Description: Engaging, Enthusiastic, Feminine, Friendly, Host/Interviewer, Inspirational, Professional, Warm, Intelligent, Seductive, Powerful, Upbeat

Accents - American - General American, American - Mid-West, Standard North American, Spanish (Puerto Rican)

Soundalikes: America Ferrera (Ugly Betty), Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin), Rosario Dawson

Professional Grade Home Recording Studio: NT1-A Rode Mic with SE Electronics RF-X Reflexion Filter, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface, Thunderbolt Internet Connection, Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones


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