Do You Want To Know How I Live Life Free of Regret?!?

If you are a busy professional or a time-starved parent, this dual-component vision board experience (online prep and live event) is FOR YOU! We will work together to get you the clarity and awareness you need to go from aimlessly on autopilot to a dream manifestation powerhouse!

Kimra on Vision Boards and Melissa!

If you haven't heard of Kimra Luna, she's only one of the most awesome people I know! This incredible mom of 3 went from being on welfare and a “digital nobody” to generating almost a million dollars in online sales during her first year of business! She's been interviewed by J.P. Sears, Pat Flynn, Farnoosh Torabi, John Lee Dumas, She Means Business... the list goes on for pages! Kimra has been my coach for over 3 years and has supported me in motherhood, businesshood, wifehood and lifehood. Take a listen... 🙏🏼


I am confident that you will be able to find some new clarity, set new intentions, break mental blocks and manifest your dreams through vision boarding because our mind is our powerful ally, and doesn't distinguish between dreams and waking reality. It focuses on bringing us what we focus on and how we want to FEEL

Leigh on Vision Boards and Melissa!

Leigh Daniel is the co-owner and founder of Project Positive Change (PPC), as well as the owner of a real estate investment company and international franchise. In addition, she is a successful and formidable divorce and family law litigator.

Some years ago after almost 20 years of legal practice, she began to feel the heavy effects of the pain, misery, and suffering she witnessed daily, which in turn, took its toll on her physical and mental wellbeing.

On a quest to find her happy again, Leigh discovered “Playing the Matrix” an audio program by the renowned Mike Dooley and has never looked back.

Leigh is a manifesting QUEEN and has used vision boards and visualization to become a successful international speaker, a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Project Positive Change is at the intersection of everything Leigh is most passionate about: people, possibility and positive change.

** Video quality is low, it's not your device. I didn't want to make her redo it since it was so deeply from her heart!


Workshop attendees have said...

"You have been such a godsend and inspiration. I look forward to working with you as I move forward with my goal!"

Linda F.
Aspiring Life Coach

"I cannot tell you how much your vision class has impacted my life over the last 6 days. I have become VERY aware of my surroundings, words, thoughts, and where I am planting my energy. I am almost done with my vision board and have the best spot on my wall to hang it... Can I have bi-monthly accountability meetings with you? "

AnnMarie J.
Flight Attendant

"I always thought of myself as a positive person but I was surprised to realize how negative I am and how much I live in fear. I worry about what people think of me and tend to worry about everything. Yikes!!!! This was a great exercise to do. It really shined a light on how negative my thought processes are. I hope to change them though!!"

Retired and revamping!

"I truly enjoyed talking with you ... it is what I needed .. more than you can possibly know ~ "

Evie S.

"It was fun. I got to learn a lot from everyone. Very relaxing."

Domenique G.
Mortgage Lender
You will love the simple manifestation techniques inside of this innovative workshop and they will help you because they have helped me go quickly from:
  1. A corporate soul-sucking career to a rewarding entrepreneurial existence
  2. Single and hopelessly lonely to happily married at 40 years young
  3. Childless and worried to being a mother at 41


Modules INSIDE The Dream Frameworkers Vision Board Workshop INCLUDE:

  • What a Vision Board is
  • Why you NEED to have one
  • 2.5 hours of support, guidance and actionable lessons dishing all of the secrets, tips and insights that help you SUPERCHARGE your ability to manifest the life of your dreams.
  • A bonus gift that will massage your brain from the inside out!


When you complete this Workshop, you will have created…

  1. A Vision Board that makes you feel GREAT!
  2. Clarity on where you are now and the future you crave.
  3. Critical awareness around your thoughts, speech and attitudes that will help you supercharge your manifestation abilities.
  4. Habits to change and control negative thoughts.
  5. Practical tools to control stress and anxiety.
  6. Gratitude to supercharge your abundance mindset and begin manifesting.
  7. PLUS Several super cool bonuses including a relaxation tool to massage your mind from the inside out!


I am excited to support YOUR most important life goals by teaching you what I've learned through thousands of dollars of personal development, years of trial and error, and past and present victories.

You'll get exact steps on how to create your vision board, with some spicy little extras!

And if you need EVEN MORE support afterward, I am here to support you in creating a BULLETPROOF plan to make your Vision Board Dreams a reality! 

SIGN UP or KEEP SCROLLING for even MORE SUPPORT! I'd love to meet you on the inside. ❤️

Workshop attendees have also said...

"Melissa is so kind and down the earth."

Toni W.
Loan Coordinator

"It was more than just cutting and gluing pictures."

Jessica L.
Realtor and General Contractor

"[This is a] non-judgement zone... Melissa makes everyone feel comfortable."

Jaime B.
Graphic Designer

"[I loved] the ability to be open and work collaboratively. Melissa you are fabulous!"

Data Specialist

My name is Melissa Del Toro Schaffner.

I am your Success and Accountability Coach.

I inspire busy people like you to get clear on your biggest life goals using vision boards and then empower you with a bulletproof plan to make it a reality through heartfelt accountability coaching.

My vision board have helped me go from:
  1. A corporate soul-sucking career to a rewarding entrepreneurial existence.
  2. Single and hopelessly lonely to happily married at 40 years young.
  3. Childless and worried to being a mother at 41. 

I AM PASSIONATE about helping you to save time and money by teaching you the lessons that I learned on my journey in self-empowerment and dream manifestation using proven manifestation techniques.

I AM PASSIONATE about getting you results RIGHT NOW. If you are anything like me, nothing is worse than someone wasting your time and precious energy. I respect your time AND energy. So, let's do this!

Date and Time of Upcoming Workshop

On Location Vision Board Workshop


in Surprise, Arizona

The LIVE 3-Hour Vision Board Workshop will assist you in creating a SUPERCHARGED vision board, while providing you with the added benefits of networking and accountability! It includes:

  • an online preparatory mini-course with a clarity assignment which you will complete and bring to the live event (this will help us save loads of time!)
  • Everything you get in the online vision board mini-masterclass
  • The exact address will be sent to you in confirmation email
  • Light refreshments
  • All vision boarding supplies



Online Vision Board Mini-Masterclass


This online mini-masterclass will assist you in creating a SUPERCHARGED vision board and becoming a manifesting machine!

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Gained clarity on where you are now and the future you want.
  • Created critical awareness around your thoughts, speech and attitudes that will help you supercharge your manifestation abilities.
  • Created habits to change and control negative thoughts.
  • Gained practical tools to control stress and anxiety.
  • Used gratitude to supercharge your abundance mindset and begin manifesting.

I knew I was onto something powerful...

I was crafting the ultimate DREAM bucket list one year and I had a burning desire to be on a game show. This was one of my "impossible possibilities".

You see, I had NO idea how you get on a game show, how to audition, what the producers are looking for - NOTHING. I just had a burning desire to experience the exhilaration of competing for money and prizes on national television.

I added "being on a game show" to my vision board at the time, fully believing that it was not only possible, it was highly probable that i would manifest this dream. And I did!

Maybe this is a dream of yours too? I made it onto Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and my segment aired on St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2014. 

What is a Vision Board?

Vision boards are also called dream boards.

Simply stated, a vision board is a visual goal setting tool that focuses on your strong positive feelings and clear visualization of your desired goals. It is a powerful tool because it speaks the brain's language of "pictures", causing your mind to vibrate at the same frequency of the things that you want... thereby attracting them to you!

It's a very real, practical and scientific way to achieve our goals, big and small. It cuts out the complications and confusion of "how" we will reach the goal, and opens up the infinite ways that we could feel and realize those goals.

Let's create a powerful vision board that attracts ABUNDANCE!

Wouldn't it be wonderful?

When we begin to create life with passion and intention, it's amazing what starts to show up. Getting real with ourselves, and then get real in front of other people can be scary - but your happiness is TOTALLY worth it!

  • What if you could paint a picture of your ideal, DREAM life and gain massive acceptance in a room full of like-minded people who will support you and encourage your on to your goals - no matter what that perfect life looks like for you?
  • What if you knew that your actual dreams are more closely within your reach than you could ever imagine - no matter what baloney you see on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Most people are just looking to be happy, financially secure, loved, and acknowledged. Most people aren't looking for "stuff". What if you could experience the life of your dreams without all the "stuff" that signals that you've MADE IT? 
  • What if you began to effortlessly and easily began realizing the debt-free life, the dream car, the perfect partner, a paid-in-full home or perfect health? The images in your mind are powerful.

This is why I can guarantee that your vision board will create for you your dream life.

It has for me and it has for many of my friends and clients.

Not in Surprise, AZ but still want to work together?

Totally doable!! Find out more ways we can work together to empower you and make YOUR dreams come true!

The Dream Frameworkers Vision Board Workshop is a powerful dream manifestation experience brought to you by Melissa Del Toro Schaffner of Melissa Del Toro International.


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