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Hi, I'm Melissa Del Toro Schaffner!

I empower busy people like you to get clear on your biggest life goals and then help you craft a bulletproof plan to make it a reality.

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I have come to rely so heavily on my vision boards to help me achieve the "impossible" that I want to share it with you. If these tips have helped me, a busy work-from-home mom, Success & Accountability Coach and business owner, they will definitely help you!

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$20 Online Vision Board Mini-Masterclass

This mini-course is crafted specifically for busy people like you to plan, perfect and manifest the life of your dreams!

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**Video Edit: HOLIDAY PRICE DROP! $47 -> $40!

I guarantee that the manifestation techniques inside of this course will help you because my vision boards have helped me go quickly from:
  1. A corporate soul-sucking career to a rewarding entrepreneurial existence
  2. Single and hopelessly lonely to happily married at 40 years young
  3. Childless and worried to being a mother at 41


Modules INSIDE the Online Vision Board Mini-Masterclass INCLUDE:

  • What a Vision Board is
  • Why you NEED to have one
  • FIVE more actionable lessons dishing all of the secrets, tips and insights that help you SUPERCHARGE your ability to manifest the life of your dreams.
  • A bonus lesson that will massage your brain from the inside out!


When you complete this Mini-Masterclass, you will have created…

  1. A Vision Board that makes you feel GREAT!
  2. Clarity on where you are now and the future you crave.
  3. Critical awareness around your thoughts, speech and attitudes that will help you supercharge your manifestation abilities.
  4. Habits to change and control negative thoughts.
  5. Practical tools to control stress and anxiety.
  6. Gratitude to supercharge your abundance mindset and begin manifesting.
  7. PLUS Several super cool bonuses including a relaxation tool to massage your mind from the inside out!


I am excited to support YOUR most important life goals by teaching you what I've learned through thousands of dollars of personal development, years of trial and error, and past and present victories.
You'll get exact steps on how to create your vision board, with some spicy little extras!
And if you need EVEN MORE support afterward, I am here to support you in creating a BULLETPROOF plan to make your Vision Board Dreams a reality! 
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Want even MORE support?

FREE Dream Goal Strategy Session

This thirty minute one-on-one dream goal strategy session will give you MASSIVE CLARITY and a practical, written action plan to empower you with he proper tools to begin manifesting your dreams goals more quickly than you ever thought possible!

You can click on the link above to schedule a 30 minute one-on-one Dresm Goal Strategy Session!

As a project manager in both the online and corporate spaces, companies paid me big bucks to deliver multi-million dollar projects on-time and under-budget.

I am excited to bring you this level of professional planning, passion and creativity to YOUR most important life goals.

My passion is to give regular people like you and me, that same level of support! You want to get big things accomplished in a short period of time... I can help. Let's CAPITALIZE on all those little fragments of wasted time to create the life of your dreams!

A few examples of dreams I've helped make reality include:

  • Self-publishing a romance novel.
  • Creating a training library for a large community of heart-centered entrepreneurs.
  •  Creating a website launch plan for a working mama's side hustle.
  • Investigating overseas retirement options or soundboarding big travel plans for adventures like dogsledding in Alaska, African safaris and European excursions.

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